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     Since embarking on this huge project of bringing back the land and the buildings that I call Madrigal, I have had a better perspective of this journey called life. And as I look back over these last thirteen years of the remodeling project and my life, I see a comparison in the fact that both have many layers that keep unfolding and changing over time.

     When I first bought the property, it started out one way in the beginning just to make it habitable ( like getting hooked up to sewer to get rid of the smell), fixing all the broken windows and leaking roofs, and getting rid of the five gas leaks so we could get some hot water and heat into the main house. Then the next year or so I discover another direction that I needed to go. It was a direction totally different than the one I was on. Frustrating at first and then realizing that through the process, I have learned and grown and felt fulfilled. Of course the fear still continues to creep in, and I still get scared asking myself many times “what am I doing?”  However, when I wake up each morning and walk outside, I must say I am still glad that I stumbled upon Madrigal because it has become my “Buddha!” I was not prepared for this journey at all. Of course, are we ever?  “What was this about?” “How did it happen?” I needed to understand a little clearer, so I reread the pages of my journal to discover what an important gift I have before me.

“Madrigal Final”

created by Dustin

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